Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mid-Life Crisis

While I understand my Aunt's motivations to leave me her house, I cannot help but feeling like it is another "responsibility" that is slowly and systematically killing my soul. All I want to do is remain in my safe zone; a life that can be packed up and moved to the other side of the world with a week's notice. Now, there is a mortgage, repairs, maintenance, and a myriad of other bullshit things. It has been over a year since my last post and I feel like I haven't moved at all since then. I go to my job, come home to my house, work on the NEVERENDING to do list, rinse, repeat. No growth or new experience. How do you make every cell in your body stop screaming to drop it and just run free? How do you convince yourself that this life doesn't equal death?

Something has got to change. I don't want to to turn into a shell person, filled only with regret.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

**Job Hunt Landmines**

So, recently I started seriously looking for a job. I did the normal "post your resume on and" Ever since I did, I have received multiple versions of the following email:

"Phone: +1 (559) 761-0618 , Fax +1 (559) 340-6554

Money Manager Assistant (part-time vacancy; Work at home, ; 2000 usd / month):

We value your response back regarding the open vacancy Insurance Company is offering. We're currently seeking motivated and responsible individuals to attend the post of a 'Work at home Money Transfer Assitant'. This remote position itself covers a broad range of directions an individual would have to perform. It's a part time position, which let's you perform your duties directly from your home location. In the nearest future, we're planning to achieve the expansion of our company throughout the United States of America and United Kingdom, providing local offices and departments in the vast areas, where logistic and insurance services are definitely in demand. Until then, we're trying to fill in our personnel with new individuals, which will increase the efficiency of the services we're catering. If you wish to apply or have any questions regarding the position, feel free to contact me back either via e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon.

In order to reduce the corporate overhead, we've implemented the thrift solution of disseminating bases of control over certain regions of the United States of America. It provides a great opportunity for beginners to participate in the standard operations of the future subsidiary departments. Besides the expansion project, the upcoming regional accountants are expected to learn a great deal about different realms of the insurance market mainly through digesting the experience gained from the large scale practical assignments.

1) This is part time work at home position and can easily combine this vacancy with any other work.
2) The fixed salary is 2000 USD a month + 5% instantly from each payment processed by you.
3) You will receive payments (Direct Bank Deposits and wire transfers) from client within United States and send it by instant payment sistem such as Western Union. You will receive 5% of processed amount.
4) You do not spend your own money and there are no startup fees. All charges for withdrawal or transferring the money will be deducted from the payment.
5) To start work with us you must only have basic checking account at any bank. Your financial information will never be disclosed to third parties.
6) You can work 2-3 hours per day.
7) This is not insurance sales position and you don't need to sell insurance, this is Money Transfer Assistant vacancy.
8) Your education and status don't matter.
9) We do not ask any personal information and we run business according to laws of the United States of America.

Now I will explain the details of this job.

1) An ACH or Wire transfer will be made to your bank account from our client. I'll let you know it's exact transfer amount and date.
2) You should receive the transfer and send me the confirmation that you've received it. Then you'll have to cash out this transfer at your bank.
3) Then you'll have to sent the money you took from you bank account via Western Union. I'll let you know all the necessary information on this transfer(the name of person who will receive the money and destination city/country).
4) Then you should send an email to me to confirm the Western Union transfer is sent. This email should include sender's name, name of the city the transfer has been sent from, exact Western Union transfer amount, and Western Union MTCN (it's essential for receiving the money).
5) We communicate with our agents mainly by e-mail, but we will also communicate by phone (if your e-mail is not available). It is your responsibility to check your e-mail daily and inform us about any change in your contact information. Supporting communication is your top-priority obligation.
6) The fixed monthly salary which is 2000 usd will be sent to you by direct deposit after 30 day period from first transfer.

Let's see how it works. For example, 2000 usd have been transferred to your account. The amount you'll receive for each transfer is 5% from the initial payment to your bank account. 5% from 2000 usd is 100 usd so you'll have to send 1900 usd via Western Union. Western Union fee(it's about 100 usd) should be deducted from 1900 usd.

Please ask me with more questions or just let me know you're ready to get started.

We do not need access to your bank accounts. This is information that you can see at any check and only let us to send ACH and Wire transfers to this accounts.

Note: Actions depicted below, are authorized by Our Company, and therefore sustain legitimacy status. Our venerable organization doesn't condone or incite improper or out of border incentives, which may contradict to federal law.

To apply, simply send a reply to our support department at . We value your response and feedback.

Julie Mathews. HR department.
ID 4595832842"

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, if you think this is a legit offer, I have some friends in Nigeria that would like to take your money as well. Luckily, I have just accepted a job at Ft. Belvoir!! I start Monday so wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

**The Downstairs Office**

So, my aunt and uncle lived in this house for about 25 years. They combined their separate households into this bigger house... so they each had an office and both kept EVERYTHING. I have found every canceled check for every account they ever had since 1960. Awesome. I can see why the step family is so mad about not getting this inheritance. This place is a gold mine.... if you recycle paper for a living or get a thrill from searching through paper with not even good gossip as a reward.

The downstairs office (my uncle's) has been one of my major fears. Here is why:

This electronic monument is being held up by this (Those are 2 HOUSE JACKS):
Weeks of labor later:

Even more labor after that and we finally finished:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

**The Back 40 of the Game Room**

As promised, the clearing continues! Here I had a pile of stuff. There is no other way to describe it. I believe that my aunt was going to sell this stuff on Ebay but who knows? I have sorted, donated, cleaned and given away a couch to a sweet kid in DC, who "legitimately has no furniture. Seriously."

So, without delay, here is the before picture:
And the process:
Ta da!!!:
Many plants were killed in the making of this space. A moment of silence, please! (Don't worry- most of them were dead already!!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

**Inauguration Fun!**

Unlike a majority of people attending this year's Presidential Inauguration, I have been going to these events ever since I moved to DC. Now, of course, that has only been the 2005 and 2009 inauguration... but my argument still stands. Here is my pretty ticket:
And the useless back:
Let me run down the day:
6:30am- D and I plan to get up.
6:45am- We oversleep and wake up then.
7am- Leave D's house in NE for bus stop.
7:20am- Give up on our bus and take another as close a we can get.
8am- After fighting the crazed crowds and cold, we arrive at Silver Gate, which does not open until 9am.
8:45am- We find the end of the Silver Gate line. This line then winds all the way around the block, overlapping. Yeah, I am impressed with the hippies.
9am- Gate opens and we start to move. We meet very nice people in line. They had a worse time than us being that the maps on the back of their tickets did not have the "Use Enclosed Map" sticker (or map for that matter)... so they had tried to get in the non-existent entrance on the NW side of the Mall. Totally sucky.
9:15am- The line disintegrates when "officials" direct us to Maryland Avenue. The 6 person-wide line then turns into a 30 person-wide stampede for the gate.
9:16am- People get jammed up and cannot get to the gate. The problem is that people thought that it wouldn't matter that they didn't have tickets and they would just follow the crowds and get as close as possible. They are clogging out way so D and I have to go old school and elbow our way through. Yes, little children and old people were probably hurt in the process but whatever!
9:25am- D and I enter security check point. There was no line. No one checked our tickets. No one asked me what was in my pockets. All the clogging people could have just walked in and stopped screwing up the flow of foot traffic.
9:30am- D and I eat our snacks and watch all the stupid around us. I inform him that I will be clapping for W. when he comes out and my feelings would not be hurt if he didn't want to stand next to me!!
11am- They begin introducing everyone and their mother. Kid next to me is "videoing the highlights for YouTube- when Bush is out and Obama is in." And he holds the camera over his head and pans around, saying, "There is an estimated 4 million people here on the Mall today!" I turn to him and say, "That's just a lie. And impossible." D agrees that there is no way the laws of physics would allow 4 million people to fit on the National Mall. Kid next to me tries to get away from us.
(If anyone can find his sad, little video, I would love to post it!!!)
11:30am- Ceremony has started. Kid next to me officially hates me after all my cheering for Bush. No one was happy with the speakers... my favorite part was the Skittle Speech... "When white will embrace what is right"- Dr. Joseph Lowery.
12 noon- Biden is sworn in and is President for 5 minutes.
12:05pm- Obama sworn in. D and I have watched the entire thing on a portable TV brought by the people in front of us. Speech was lame so I started texting my warm hippie friends, who were smart enough to stay inside.
12:30pm- Speech wraps up. We have no interest in the poem. Apparently, she started her reading with, "I worked really hard on this." Ummm, yeah, I hope so.
1pm- We have finally got past the Jersey barriers but cannot cut through the mass of people. We cannot even see the Metro Station. We fight our way onto the highway. Seriously.
2pm- Finally get back to D's house. I am elated. On the walk back, a woman stopped us and thanked us for coming out to support President Obama. D said "You're Welcome." I wanted to call her racist but I was too cold to react.

Overall.... overrated. However, the event is normally overrated. I enjoyed the last one more because we got better tickets and Republicans are pretty organized. Considering the Democrats haven't had one of these in awhile, they are rusty. This one was big and I am glad that no matter who won this election, we are making steps to break down barriers in our political culture. Now, if only that would apply to industry and other roles in general.... then, maybe, there could be some real change.

Have a Happy Celebration of Another Bloodless Transfer of Power!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

**The Pool Table Saga**

I have inherited a pool table. However, it was covered with ONE MILLION TONS of train table. Now, before y'all email me with complaints that I should have sold or given away the table, please read the following reasons why that would not work:

1) It took 2 people a total of 2 days to dismantle the table. It was a solid piece of 3 layer goodness and there was no way to move it without destroying it.
2) It was very old and the trains did not work anymore.
3) In the world of train collectors, it is not cool to buy a ready made table. It is more respectable to create your own table. It is part of the experience.
4) I saved the buildings and whatever I could salvage before demolition progressed.
5) It is my table and I will destroy it if I want to.

Ready for pictures now? Here is the before:
The Demolition!!

The finale!!
So, stay tuned for the clearing of the pile of crap in the background of all of these pictures to be cleared out! I know you are all jealous of my exciting life!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

**Fancy T-Day Tables**

Here are some more pictures of the holiday!!

I have inherited fancy, gold silverware and china.

Here is the whole table!! Definitely a table ready for a Vegas-style meal!!